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We are a team of people sharing the same vision, that is, providing High Quality Services to everyone, in cooperation with DXN, the world's largest manufacturer of Ganoderma.

At Beatus Natura, we believe that Man should be at the heart of and entitled to receive high-level Health Services, with a focus on improving his / her quality of life. By understanding their needs, we design and implement Support Programs.

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service
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Our team

Our team consists of remarkable executives for your best service.

  • Jane Yau Gano Therapist with 20 years experience in ganotherapy.


The Beatus Natura Network is made up of experienced and trained partners. Nurses, Nutritionists, Health Visitors, come daily to contact with dozens of people throughout Greece, offering high quality Education and Support, based on the protocols developed with Mrs Jane Yau.

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